The Tradition of the Coach Light

"Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame." -Henry David Thoreau

Many times it the small things that people remember about the most important of events. There is no truer expression of this, than the Tradition of the Coach Light. It is the simple act of turning on our outside coach lights whenever a person has been received into our care. For us, it is the acknowledgement to ourselves and to the community that someone has passed on, and the beginning of our desire to show the deepest respect to that individual and to the family that we are serving.

Light in the Storm

Rev. Elizabeth Anderson

The captain of the schooner ship,

Looked at the angry sky,

His ship tossed in the storm,

Not a star to guide her by.

This captain trusted his vessel,

He would ride out the storm,

Then he saw a light,

And the sounding of a fog horn.

The lighthouse sat on a cliff,

Its beam guiding ships to shore,

The vibrating sound could be heard,

Above the ocean's roar.

Jesus is my lighthouse,

I keep moving towards His light,

And when His Spirit speaks to me,

I'm guided through the darkest night.